Skill House/Life House Model

Avery Lane participants come from all over California and all over the country. During their time with us, participants receive treatment in what we call our Skills House clinical center and live in nearby Life Houses.

skills houseThe Skills House is the center of Avery Lane therapeutic activity and where participants take part in individual and group therapy sessions, life skills training, and other treatment-related programming. The Skills House is a comfortable and tranquil environment designed specifically to help women feel safe, open, and at peace as they learn the skills needed to begin the healing process. Avery Lane provides transportation to and from the Skills House and Life Houses. Avery Lane is a small, highly personalized facility and at this time, we have one Skills House and one Life House.

During their time here, program participants live in nearby Life Houses, where they practice the skills acquired in treatment in a quiet and safe sober living environment. Life Houses, typically shared by several women, are comfortable, beautifully-appointed, and well-supervised. Living in close community with other women of shared experiences can lead to life-long friendships and form the building blocks of one’s recovery support network. What’s more, the time participants spend at the Life House can help ease the transition back to independent living after treatment.