Hub and Spokes Living Model

A close-knit community setting

skills houseAvery Lane’s Primary Care Program is designed in what we call a “Hub and Spokes” model, with a “Skill House” at the center of treatment activities and “Life House” in the surrounding community. During their time with us, women participants receive treatment at our Skill House or our “Center” and reside at our Life House, where they can practice new skills in a practical living environment designed to better prepares them for reintroduction into everyday life.

The Skills House is the center of Avery Lane therapeutic community, where participants take part in individual and group therapy sessions, medical evaluations and follow-up appointments, and other treatment-related programming. The Skills House is an inviting, healing, and tranquil place designed so that woman can feel safe, open, and at peace as they develop and master the skills needed for a lasting recovery.

While in our Primary Care Program, our participants live in our nearby Life House, where they practice the skills acquired in treatment in a quiet and safe sober living environment. Our Life House is an 8-bed, beautifully appointed home where women are supervised to ensure their safety and comfort. Living in close community with other women of shared experiences leads to life-long friendships and helps form the foundation of a recovery support network. Our Life House provides that familial feel that is often not felt in residential treatment, by being in a small community type setting. Time spent at the Life House helps ease the transition back to independent living after treatment. Transportation to and from the Skill House and Life House is provided.