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Avery Lane was developed to help empower women to find their inner strength to overcome the disease of addiction. We encourage our participants to reinvent and recreate themselves while finding passion in their recovery. To that end, we created a community environment where staff and participants work together to support each other’s strength, empowerment, passion, growth, balance, healing, freedom, and serenity.

When creating a women’s treatment program, I wanted the name to embody the essence of a loving and caring environment. I thought of the strong line of women in my family, in particular, my great grandmother, Frances Martinez. Frances, who passed away in 2014, had a huge influence in who I am and where I am today. She helped me find the strength to heal on my path to recovery. Because of her, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help other women on their journey to lifelong happiness, free from addiction.

Avery Lane is the street on which Frances Martinez lived. It is where she found her strength, empowerment, passion, growth, balance, healing, freedom, and serenity – and where she provided that to others. Her home was a safe haven for me, my family, her friends, and her community. Avery Lane is dedicated to Frances’ memory; to her thoughtfulness and to her inspiration for others to find their own inner strength to heal and grow. Our hope is that all who come to Avery Lane will feel the love and support that transcends from our name into our treatment program.


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Camille Hildebrand
Founder and CEO
Avery Lane

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