We stand ready to help you — with unconditional care, compassion, and respect — to give you exactly what you need to build a foundation for lasting sobriety and a fulfilling, joyful life.

Your journey starts with a phone call!  Our company founder and clinical team stand ready to answer your questions and help you explore our program and community. We discuss your specific needs and then schedule a welcome evaluation with our clinical case manager. After admission, you will begin the stabilization period and address any detoxification needs. Our medical team will assess for possible dual diagnoses and create a custom treatment plan to meet your needs.

Once the medical evaluation is complete, you will meet with a primary therapist who will do al bio-psycho-social evaluation and create a custom treatment plan. During all phases of your intake and introduction, you will be welcomed and supported into our community, get comfortable with the environment and become familiar with your specific treatment plan and schedule that will be created just for you.

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During the admission process, a primary therapist will speak with the participant’s family to address any questions or concerns they may have about their loved one’s treatment. Avery Lane values family involvement in the treatment process. We understand that all members of the family are impacted by addiction so we have created a place where not only the addicted is treated but also where the family has the ability to heal as well.

Throughout the pre-admission, admission, and treatment process, our team is 100% available and is ready to help however we can. We understand that taking that next step into treatment takes courage and vulnerability, and we are ready to receive you and support you on your journey.

Next Steps

The process through admission is a step-by-step process. We take it at the pace that is the most supportive for the individual entering treatment. Our admissions team supports everyone involved through the process and is always available to answer any questions or concerns.

  • First Step is to speak with one of our admission counselors. They will follow you or your loved one through the course of your treatment and will be involved in supporting you through your treatment stay. You can contact an admissions counselor by calling ___ or sending us a contact page ____.
  • Next step is to tell us about yourself or about your loved one needing treatment. Our job is to make sure that Avery Lane is the proper fit based on your individualized needs. We will discuss our program and how we would fit our treatment plan around your needs and goals.
  • During the initial conversation, together we will identify which level of care would be best suited for the individual requiring treatment. Our team will continue to assess level of care and length of stay needs throughout the treatment process.
  • After, we will discuss finances for treatment. Avery Lane accepts most private insurance plans as well as private pay. We will run a verification of benefits to check eligibility and treatment cost, then discuss out of pocket cost based on insurance coverage.
    • Avery Lane does not offer financing, but we do work with financing companies that provide long-term payment plan options.
  • Next we will schedule an admission date. You will meet with your admissions counselor and nurse upon admission to help ease you into our treatment program.
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