Admissions Overview

What to Expect When You’re Admitting

Upon admission to Avery Lane each of our female participants will be welcomed by an admissions counselor and a member of our clinical and medical team.

Our substance abuse and dual-diagnosis treatment program starts with an initial evaluation by our medical team to begin the stabilization period and address possible detoxification needs. The team will also delve into the participant’s past stumbling blocks to recovery and formulate a strategy for successfully overcoming them. Our medical team will also assess for possible dual diagnoses and create a treatment plan around addressing those issues.

“griefOnce the medical evaluation is completed, the participant will meet with their primary therapist who will complete an initial bio-psycho-social evaluation with the individual and begin the treatment planning process. Our objective during this initial period is to introduce the participant to our structure and our healing atmosphere and allow them to stabilize into the environment while building a treatment plan and curriculum to follow during their treatment stay that is specific to their highly individualized needs.

During the admission process, a primary therapist will speak with the participant’s family to address any questions or concerns they may have about their loved one’s treatment. Avery Lane values family involvement in the treatment process. We understand that all members of the family are impacted by addiction so we have created a place where not only the addicted is treated but also where the family has the ability to heal as well.

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