Mission and Philosophy


Our mission is to provide professional substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment for women in a caring and nurturing atmosphere while serving patients and their families through education and compassion. We strive to empower women to find their freedom from their addiction and lead them on a path towards recovery. With focus on the identity of the woman, our goals are to facilitate education, interpersonal awareness, and behavioral change through continuity of care in a community setting that sustains a life of healing, hope and sobriety.

Avery Lane Team
Philosophy Team


Avery Lane is a clinically driven social model treatment center that specializes on women’s core issues and creating healthy awareness to the disease of addiction. Avery Lane is committed to the latest clinical approaches in helping our clients, while integrating evidenced and holistic-based and research supported, individualized treatment as the foundation of our treatment’s beliefs and principles. Founded upon extensive research, Avery Lane is dedicated to the prevention, education and treatment of addictive disorders, behavioral health issues, and relational disorders for women.

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