Avery Lane’s WHOLE BEING RECOVERY approach to treating substance abuse, trauma and mental health issues, is by design, like no other you have encountered. Pulling from the most effective treatment modalities, our model addresses the ‘whole person’ healing the whole mind-body-soul connection, restoring self-esteem, creating new self-awareness, and helping participants access their true, authentic self. From here, recovery can occur and life begins to renew and heal.

We believe that substance abuse and dependency is a symptom of unresolved and underlying core issues, usually related to past history or trauma. We have created the Whole Being Recovery method to explore and address each facet of a women’s life making recovery obtainable and long-term sobriety sustainable.


Avery Lane’s WHOLE BEING RECOVERY MODEL combines the most effective science and holistic-based treatment modalities to deliver higher than national success outcomes that support you with new skills and behaviors to create and sustain a healthy, empowered life.

Whole being recovery model

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