12-Step Participation

drug and alcohol treatment for womenAvery Lane is not a 12-Step-based program but rather an evidenced-based program. We do incorporate an aspect of the 12 Steps as a helpful tool for those who are early in sobriety to assist them in building a peer support group network. We encourage involvement in 12-Steps programs, but it is not mandatory.

Avery Lane participants will attend both on-site and off-site 12-Step meetings and will be encouraged to integrate 12-Step philosophies and support systems into their sobriety during and after treatment. Women in our program will also be introduced to alternatives to the 12-Step approach.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) have recognized the importance of breaking the isolation associated with substance abuse, while at the same time connecting individuals with others whose common purpose is to dramatically change their lives through connection and community.