Neuro Emotional Technique

Stress plays a major role in addiction for many women. Many turn to drugs in order to cope with financial, personal, or emotional issues, hoping to escape their pain and anxiety. At Avery Lane, we provide our participants with many tools and techniques to cope with such stresses, so that healthy stress management removes the desire to turn to substance abuse or other harmful addictions. Among these tools is Neuro Emotional Technique, commonly known as NET.

NET is a mind-body stress reduction technique that is easy to implement and helpful in ridding patients of unwanted emotional patterns that often arise from past traumas and stresses. NET is used to locate and remove neurological imbalances and emotional blockages. NET recognizes that emotions are physiologically based, and can lead to physical expressions within the body. These physiological markers of unresolved tension – also known as Neuro Emotional Complexes – appear as conditioned responses to trauma and stress patterns.

As the patient visualizes a stressful event or feeling, the NET practitioner seeks out the location of its physical manifestation in the patient. These are then addressed with various physical corrections depending on the afflicted area, helping the patient’s body to complete the processing of emotions that occur naturally. This decreases the patient’s stress and helps them to heal emotionally and physically, leading to a sense of greater well-being.

Avery Lane uses NET alongside other treatment modalities to help participants learn how to control their stress and work through their worries in healthy, productive ways. The more healthy approaches and behaviors one learns to react to, and manage these emotions, the less likely it is that one will turn to substance abuse. With its gentle, easy to practice nature, NET can prove a valuable tool in reaching and sustaining a healthy mind and body free of addiction.