Modalities Overview

Avery Lane’s team of treatment professionals continually apply the latest cutting-edge treatment modalities proven to support women and increase sustained sobriety successs after treatment. This work is reflected in our WHOLE BEING RECOVERY MODEL, which is customized to each individual depending on their area of need. Each modality has been carefuly tested to assure that the healing experience and learning enhances our client’s quality of life during and after treatment.

Here's a snapshot of the modalities we use

Women in a meeting

Evidenced-Based Modalities

Evidence-based therapy is just what the phrase suggests; therapies born out of and supported by research. Evidence-based therapies are normally part of an evidence-based practice or EBP.
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Holistic Based Modalities

Holistic treatment is a term you see batted around quite often in addiction treatment these days, but rarely is this approach explained other than with a laundry list of therapies.
Energy psychology

Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology is normally not found in standard addiction treatment. Even though most of the modalities within Energy Psychology are evidenced-based, many of the tools are still not widely used.

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