30-Day Primary Care Program

A 30-day stay is the foundation of our treatment program at Avery Lane.

Inclusive in these early days of treatment is a period of medical stabilization administered by MDs and RNs on an as-needed basis. During this initial period, each woman undergoes a comprehensive medical examination to gain insight into her physical condition. GeneSight® (DNA) testing helps our physician determine how her body responds to and metabolizes specific medications, such as anti-depressants, in order to determine exactly which medications will work best. Avery Lane currently does not offer detoxification services as a part of our program.

Additionally, each woman undergoes a thorough assessment of her physical, psychiatric, psychological, and psychosocial state upon admission and creates an individualized treatment plan with their primary therapist. Our goal within the initial 30 days of treatment is to stabilize medically while participants work with our medical team and identify core issues and triggers related to their substance use, mental health, and trauma.

Over the course of the initial 30 days of treatment, our Whole Body, Whole Life, Healing Model is made available to each woman based on her unique needs and interests. Both highly engaging holistic modalities, such as yoga, mindfulness, equine therapy, and expressive arts therapy, to name a few, along with evidence-based therapies such cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, trauma-based therapy, grief and loss therapy, and others, are employed in just the right combination to achieve the best possible outcome after 30 days of care.