Overview of Primary Care

Our “Whole Body, Whole Life Healing Model”

Avery Lane’s approach to treating substance abuse, and dual-diagnosis is, by design, like no other you have encountered. Core to our women’s treatment program is what we call our Whole Body, Whole Life Healing Model. This unique approach, meticulously developed by experienced clinicians for our women’s program participants, combines the most effective and engaging holistic treatment modalities and evidence-based approaches to women’s treatment. In doing so, we combine the most promising holistic and evidence-based care, overlaid with an in-depth understanding of the unique physical and psychological needs and conditions of each woman, in order to craft what we call a Whole Person Treatment Plan. This highly individualized treatment plan, combined with the intensive hands-on care of three licensed physicians, lights the way toward stability, freedom, and lasting recovery for the women of Avery Lane.

Individualized Plan for Length of Stay

While most treatment centers offer 30, 60 and/or 90-day “pre-packaged programs” that are prescribed for clients at the start of treatment and then rigidly adhered to, Avery Lane takes a continuous learning approach, evaluating and reevaluating each woman participant to determine a length of stay in our care that we believe will benefit her the most. The majority of our clients will initially commit to 30, 60, or 90 days, and through the process we will work together as a team with the individual participant, to determine what is required to fully stabilize and build a foundation for lasting recovery. The average length of stay for our participants is 60 days.