Family Program

At Avery Lane, we believe that family work is important if not as important as the work the individual struggling with addiction is doing while in our program. The individual struggling with addiction is not usually the only one struggling. Behind them are parents, children, friends, partners, extended family, all who have watched the suffering, have felt helpless, and struggled with their own depression or anxiety related to being involved in the addicted system.

Our team believes that relapses are less likely to occur as the family system works on their own recovery as a whole unit. We support on the healing and reunification of the family through monthly Family Workshops, couples therapy sessions and family therapy sessions. Our goal through family systems work is to change unhealthy and habitual relational patterns. We lay the groundwork for those involved in their loved one’s treatment by providing education on addiction, co-occurring issues, co-dependency, and family systems, while identifying tools to use for their own support and recovery.

Therapeutic and community support is highly recommended for family and friends with loved ones struggling with addiction. While your daughter, girlfriend, wife, sister, or friend is in our program, we recommend you seeking your own support through an individual therapist or Al-Anon. If you would like recommendations of professionals or support groups, please feel free to contact our team.

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