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Camille Hildebrand

Camille Hildebrand

CEO & Founder

Camille Hildebrand is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and has 10 years of combined personal and professional experience in the field of addiction treatment. Prior to creating Avery Lane, Camille worked in various roles within gender-specific substance abuse programs. She brings a wealth of knowledge into creating a program that encourages and supports women seeking long-term sobriety and recovery. Through her personal and professional experience with substance abuse and addiction, Camille has dedicated herself to helping every individual who is struggling and helping to show them the path to the life they want for themselves.

Camille graduated Summa Cum Laude from Dominican University with a degree in Psychology. She received 2 high honors awards and won the thesis award for her research on women's birthing experiences.  Camille is committed to advancing her education and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree. When Camille is not working at Avery Lane or on her education, she is seen volunteering in high schools in Marin County, sharing her story and helping build drug and alcohol awareness programs.

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