Our Dream Team Staff

Alison Dotti

Alison Dotti, MA

Expressive Arts Group Facilitator

Alison Dotti is an expressive arts facilitator who has been trained through the Tamalpa Institute. She has an extensive background in dance and movement, which she has been practicing for over twenty years. Alison holds a master’s in psychology and is currently in the psychology doctoral program at Meridian University. Alison’s experience includes the use of movement, creativity, and art as a way to build personal growth and expression as well as to promote non-violence with youth in New York City public schools. Alison’s personal experience of growth and healing through the use of movement and creativity has led her into the work of using the expressive arts as a healing modality. In her practice with groups and individuals, she uses the arts, movement, and body awareness as a way to creatively find meaning and new paths in one’s life.

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