PTSD and Trauma

The correlation between trauma and substance addiction in women is being increasingly recognized. The large majority of women addicted to alcohol or drugs report some sort of significant violent traumatic incident in their past, usually in the form of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional or verbal abuse. And while the connection between trauma and addiction is high, women whose trauma has led to post-traumatic stress disorder are even more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol to ease their pain.

Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD can manifest in many ways. Typical symptoms include irritability, unresolved anger, anxiety, and flashbacks that cause the victim to relive the incident. Patients often seek to avoid reminders of the events, and alcohol and drugs are an extremely easy and accessible way to avoid the pain.

At Avery Lane, we recognize that any program that treats addiction in women without also addressing its relation to underlying trauma is insufficient. It would be the equivalent of treating symptoms without treating the disease. Our therapists use trauma-informed and specialized approaches to treatment that help our women work through the unresolved emotional issues that accompany trauma and PTSD, thereby increasing their chances of achieving long lasting recovery.

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